Internships – not just for college kids!

Exciting, I will be a real intern on a biodynamic farm this year!  Common Good Farm north of Lincoln is one of only two biodynamic farms in Nebraska.  They make certified-organic look lame (kidding!).  Certified Biodynamic basically takes Organic and adds another layer of stewardship: minimum 10% of the farm devoted to biodiversity and ongoing programs to build soil health.  I’ll be doing about 15 hours a week, divided into one evening after work and all day on Saturdays.  Check out Common Good Farm at

The Beginning is Near the Middle

It’s a little odd to think that this “first” post will most likely wind up somewhere in the middle by the time I get all my old notes posted.  But I can’t rewind the clock to the actual beginning, whenever that was; many thoughts and events have occurred already.  So I have to just start where I am and keep filling entries, future or past.

Let’s jump right in and talk about time management.  I’m not an expert on it, although I do seem to have lots of experience failing to manage it.  One thing I know however is that I already feel too busy.  Yet somehow I have to find time to learn about farming substantially enough to be able to make game changing decisions.  It was illuminating to put my week into a spreadsheet, mapped down to the half hour.  I ended up with a whole two and a half hours of time not spoken for!  That told me either a) I was unrealistic about what I should expect to accomplish in a certain timeframe, b) I need to figure out how to become more efficient with certain tasks, or c) I’m mistaken in what is really necessary.