Cucurbits vs. the Allium gang

Heavy into transplanting mode these days on the farm.  Thousands of plants need to get from the greenhouse into the field.  Today it was cukes and zukes, from the Cucerbit family, and shallots and scallions representing the Alliums.  We had to be careful with the cucumber and zucchini plants since they are sensitive and don’t like their roots disturbed.  “Oh my stars, it is ever so hot, please take care not to disturb my precious dressing around me!  I say sir, we don’t much like the look of this dirt field.  This will never do, we insist you unhand us you cad!”

2014-05-10 cuke

Prissy cucumber

Meanwhile, there were the lean and mean Allium toughs (they come from the wrong side of the tracks you know).  They don’t care about roots.  We were pulling them apart right and left to get them separated into bunches of threes.  “Bring it on!”, they said, “We don’t need no stinkin’ potting soil around us!  Yeah, we’ll give you bad breath, you got a problem with that?”

Yeah, Alliums are like that.

2014-05-10 cat

Pssst, buddy, you got any Allium on you?

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