Non-local local food

Jetting to meet up with my wife who is on a preparatory trip in Europe to do a cross-cultural study of local food systems. I decided that with a nine hour layover in Newark it would be a perfect chance for a quick jaunt to see Manhattan again.  Hearing so much about the prevalence of local food in the Big Apple I determined that my lunch should appropriately come from a farmer’s market in the city.  As I found out online, in NYC you don’t just find out where the market is, you choose from several in each borough AND which day of the week you would like!  I chose a small one open on Tuesdays called St. Mark’s Greenmarket at East 10th St & 2nd Ave.  Google said it was 1.7 miles from Penn Station where my train deposited me from the airport, and I was feeling energetic, so subway shmubway, I’ll just walk!


Apparently Gary has an angry about this

While we’re walking, here’s the Empire State Building.


And in the distance the new World Trade Center; one building, instead of twins this time. 😦


I should mention that it is moderately warm and humid and as I perspire pretty easily, things are starting to become uncomfortable.  Carrying a heavy non-roller bag isn’t helping either. 

Realizing where spontineity has landed me, I wonder about my end game, will people around me on the flight to Oslo be grossed out since I’ve now sweated out my T-shirt?  I duck into a Walgreen’s to absorb some air conditioning and buy a cold Gatorade.  Helps!  I continue on, not sure which neighborhoods I’m passing through and definitely not seeing many/any local food eateries.  Finally passing through a charming side street of brownstones, I indeed see what must be St. Marks church with its adjacent micro-park open space and read this helpful sign.


Let’s read that more closely – it opens Tuesday June 3.  Today is Tuesday May 27.  Ahhhhhhhh!

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