Happy Holidays!

We would like to wish you and your family a very happy holiday season! We are grateful for all of your wonderful support in our fledgling season of selling produce through the Nebraska Food Coop. It was both rewarding and humbling to take part in providing healthy food to our customers, that at the same time respects the health of the Earth.

We have exciting plans for 2015:

  • Expand production using urban land, through partnership with the City of Lincoln and Cook Grow Sew.
  • Become a supplier of plants for Community CROPS’ annual plant sale.
  • Become GAP certified and create a food safety plan.
  • Become a producer for the recently formed Nebraska Farm to School program. This awesome program provides a channel for safe, healthy, and sustainably-grown food to enter the school systems of the state.


Best wishes for a prosperous New Year!
Gary Fehr
Shannon Moncure
Lincoln Neighbors Urban Farm


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